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Meets update 170621 – Last Meet 2017 season changed from Wolverley to Blackmore.

Recruitment – can you please help?

Stewards always needed for Meets


At present the Photographic Section sees a smallish proportion of its 500 plus members at Meets.

There is a consistent and reliable core of volunteer Stewards for Meets but any unplanned absence/illness places stress on these valued volunteers.

The age profile of most current volunteers is in the “retired” category (not untypical of C&CC membership) but with current levels of resourcing the sustainability of the Section is very evidently at risk.

New volunteers are urgently needed to both undertake small short term tasks, Steward at Meets and to shadow existing Council roles ready to take over when a need arises.

If you are willing to help or have any suggestions in this respect please email now: