2018 Competitions

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The Photographic Group Annual Festival of Photography 2018

This is the first of our annual events. The competitions are open to all members – we hope to see many of you camping and enjoying the social and photographic activities:

Daily photographic and craft workshops

A daily programme of photographic and craft workshops to help you develop new skills, receive experienced advice on any photography problems that you may be encountering and to share your skills/hobbies with others in a friendly environment.

Willing to run a workshop? Contact us now by email to meetprogs@photogroup.co.uk

Photographic Competition

A competition (battle) between Photographic Section and two Camera Clubs local to the event. All members are at liberty to submit images for consideration of selection.

Judging is by an experienced external judge.

Members attending please bring your prints with you for our selection panel to see – who knows you may have the deciding images? Maximum print mount size is 500mm x 400 mm. Prints to be handed in during Friday 25 May 2018.

All digital images to be submitted by email or file transfer method of your choice to pgfestival@photogroup.co.uk no later than 30 April 2018. Resolution 1400 x 1050.

Inter- unit competition

Each member attending the Meet can submit up to three prints only –  Maximum print mount size is 500mm x 400 mm. In addition to being considered for inclusion in the “battle”  these prints will be judged by the members.

Post-card competition

A print of maximum size 7in x 5in (180mm x 130mm) showing a place or event of your choice. You may enter up to three post-card prints.

All enquiries to pgfestival@photogroup.co.uk.

Annual Exhibition 2018



 We have included the entry forms, rules and class sheets for this year’s Exhibition which will be held at The Ruddle Centre, 16 Doncaster Road, Braithwell, South Yorkshire. S66 7BB.

Entry form 2018

Rules and conditions 2018

Classes and important information

There will be Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes.     These classes also apply to PDIs but not to the Bert Wicks Award Audio Visual.  Please read the relevant documentation relating to the Exhibition to define classes. You will see from the entry form that this year the Bert Wicks Trophy is a Audio Visual.

Our very own Bob Moore Hon FRPS, MPAGB and Hon PAGB has agreed to judge our Exhibition this year.

We are hoping to receive plenty of entries this year and we hope too that you will encourage your children/grandchildren to enter the Young Photographers Section.  The numbers had dropped last year. Let’s see if we can see an increase this year. It is free for them to enter.

Please remember to keep a copy of your entry form so that you know what prints/images you have entered.  We hope more of the newer members will also put entries into the exhibition in the appropriate sections.  Don’t be afraid to try. It is a way of displaying your work.

Please have the entries to us by Friday 13th July to enable us to get all the work done in time for the Exhibition. Prints to be brought to the Exhibition, but titles will be required by the closing date.

We look forward to receiving your entries for 2018 and seeing you at the exhibition in August.


As most of you probably know this is our last year as Exhibition Secretaries.  We have done it for five years and family commitments make it difficult to continue.  It has been an enjoyable experience for us.  We will be asking for somebody to shadow us this year so that they can take it over from us.  Remember no Exhibition Secretaries means no Exhibition. Think about it and give it a try.  Should anybody wish to speak to us about it before the Exhibition please give us a call and we will try to answer any question that you may have.

Sue and Dave Tawn

Exhibition Secretaries Email: exhibition@photogroup.co.uk

Important Information and Classes for the Exhibition

ENTRY FORMS, FEES, AND PROJECTED IMAGES To be sent to Sue and Dave Tawn, 8 Langdon Close, Long Eaton, Nottingham. NG10 4NX.  To be received no later than the closing date Friday 13th July 2018.  If not attending the Exhibition send prints under separate cover to Sue and Dave Tawn at the above address to arrive no later than Saturday 19th August 2018. Titles will still be required by Friday 13th July 2018.

ENTRY FEES : £1.00 per print or projected image.  £3.00 for Bert Wicks Audio Visual.  Young Photographers have free entry. (All prices are inclusive of VAT). Return postage and suitable packing must be sent if not attending the Exhibition.


Class B                   Beginners Class – Monochrome Print/Colour Print/PDI

Class C          –        Intermediate Class  – Monochrome Print/Colour Print/PDI

Class A          –        Advanced Class – Monochrome Print/Colour Print/PDI

Class Y          –        Young Photographers – colour and mono prints

Class BW      –        Bert Wicks Trophy – Audio Visual

Young Photographer   –   A person under 18 years on 25h August 2018.


BeginnersClass is available for members who have not won a competition at any level. Should they feel capable to enter at Intermediate level they may do so.

Intermediate Class

Open to Members who have won a competition at club level or the beginners section at previous Photogroup Exhibitions.

Advanced Class Members who have had images accepted in area, national or international exhibitions, competitions or salons or who hold photographic qualifications must enter in this Class. This class is also open to any members who wish to enter at this level.

The minimum number of entrants per class is 4.  If there are fewer entrants In any class, we will merge them with the class above.


 First/Second/Third place and commendations will be awarded in each class providing there are sufficient entrants.

Bert Wicks Memorial Award –Audio Visual

Best Landscape in Exhibition – Gordon Mackey Award

Best Monochrome in Exhibition – Arnold Jones Award

Best Young Photographer Award

Best Projected Digital Natural History Image – R & H Smith Award

Best Natural History Print – Jim Price Award

Best Portrait in Exhibition – Brian Miller Award

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