On Line Meets Booking Form

Be sure to read “Things you need to know” first

You need to be a current Camping and Caravanning Club member to  make a booking and attend a Meet. A valid and current membership card must be produced on arrival.

You can book and stay for all or part of the Meet.

Complete all relevant sections – those marked * must be completed.

If staying for the full 5 nights you need only tick the 5 nights option.

Meets start at 2pm on the first day and finish by 12 noon on the final day. To comply with the Club’s exempted camping licence please respect these times and do not place Stewards in a situation where they can refuse entry to the site.

Making a booking is a firm commitment to attend. No shows and last minute cancellations create unecessary extra work for volunteers and potentially deprive others of a pitch.

Surname of Member
Please ensure that membership is current throughout the Meet
We need this to confirm your booking


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