Meets – Important Stuff

Things you need to know about booking and attending meets.

Do I need to book for Photographic Group Meets?

Some Meets are booking essential and you must book your pitch.

On C&CC and commercial sites PG will enter into a formal contract detailing the maximum number of pitches available to us and the related financial agreement which is normally better than the standard commercial rate. Typically 1 month before the actual Meet the Sites Co-ordinator is contractually obliged to confirm the number of pitches required and hence the requirement “booking essential”.

There are occasional incidents of PG members turning up to a booking essential Meet without making a booking, potentially taking a pitch that has been correctly booked and/or at risk of there being no pitch available.

All other Meets are booking optional. It is helpful and appreciated that you use either the website booking form or email to let the Sites Co-ordinator know in advance of the Meet of your intention to attend.

Advance booking for these Meets is not essential and you may turn up with every expectation of being allocated a pitch. Planning of the Meets activities however is far more reliable with an indication of how many units are expected. It is therefore appreciated that those members who are able to do so do book so as to indicate their intentions to the Sites Co-ordinator and the Meet Stewards.

How do I book?

You can book only using the website booking formMeet details & booking form

How will I know that my booking has been received?

You will receive an email confirmation (remember to check SPAM folders).

Should you not have an email confirmation – your booking is not confirmed and you are at real risk of turning up with no pitch available.

Do contact the PG Sites Co-ordinator (meets if your confirmation is not received within 14 days.

How do I cancel or amend a booking?

If for any reason you are unable to take up your booking it is also essential that you let the Sites Co-ordinator know at the earliest opportunity. Also for amendments to bookings with best possible notice:


What is the earliest arrival time, what time does the Meet finish?

Photographic Group Meets start at 2 pm and finish at 12 noon

An extract from the Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine:

Members attending Club Meets and THS’s are asked to respect the posted start and finish times and not arrive early.

Temporary camping events are permitted without a licence from the local authority because the Club holds a Certificate of Exemption.

In order not to endanger the Club’s exemption, members must not arrive early or leave late and must not pitch before the Steward is present. Members who ignore the Club’s rules are not covered by the exemption certificate, and could be causing the Club Unit to break the law. It may also upset the site owner, putting future use of the site at risk.

Club Stewards have a number of duties to complete and are also required to ensure the camping area is suitable to accept members. Campers arriving before the Steward is ready to open the event can cause unexpected delays.

Please be aware the Steward is within his or her rights to turn away early arrivals and will be supported by the Club in the event of complaints.

What happens when EHU is limited?

There will be occasions when Electric Hookup is not available or is of limited availability. Availability of EHU will always be detailed in the Meet information on the website, within Photocamper, within Out and About and on the Out and About App.

All bookings are recorded against the date received. EHU is normally allocated on a first come first served basis subject to receipt of a booking form. When possible medical need will be given priority provided that an early booking is received.

Camping Safely – a link to Club advice

All campers are encouraged to keep a bucket (any colour) of water on their pitch throughout the Meet. Fire Services recommend this as an essential first response measure.

What if I have another query or need more information?

In the first instance for Meets information email:

For other Photographic Group enquiries please use the Contacts page of this website.