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New Digital Portfolio – Circle D

To accompany the well established circulating print portfolios we are considering introducing a digital portfolio for those members who like to present their work as a pdi.

The proposal is that each month circle members will be able to upload a picture in pdi format (1400×1050 pixels maximum dimensions) with a brief description of the story behind the picture. These images will be compiled into a single ‘blog’ page which the members can comment on during the following month. A simple 1st-2nd-3rd voting system will be used and the votes will be emailed to the circle administrator who will produce an annual league table.

There will be no printing, paperwork or postage and members of the circle will be under no obligation to submit an image or comments every month but clearly the more who do, the better and livelier the circle will be.

If you think that you may be interested in joining please email Michael Jarman at for further details.