What happens at a Meet?

An Overview of and what happens at Photographic Group meets?

If you have not been to one of our meets before the following information may help with you planning. We look forward to welcoming you, come along and enjoy yourself!

General information

  1. Meets are held at both Club and non-Club sites, normally during March to October. Non-Club sites are usually village halls, sporting venues or independent commercial /green field sites. Generally, the first and last meets will be at full facility sites based in the Midlands area.
  2. To attend a Photographic Group meet all campers over 18 years of age must be paid up Camping and Caravanning Club members.
  3. Meets are spread around the country as we are a national Special Interest Group of the Camping and Caravanning Club.
  4. We are always seeking out new sites in interesting locations with good photographic and local interest opportunities. We welcome recommendations by members for sites which might suit us. There is a form to recommend a site at: Recommend a meet location
  5. Members can attend as many Meets as they wish, there is no minimum or maximum number.
  6. Meets are normally a mix of pre-booked (booking essential) and either choice of book or just turn up (booking optional).  Full details and the booking form are available at: 2021 Meet Details and Booking Form.
  7. Meets are usually for 5 nights, but members can book any number of these nights. If on Club or commercial sites, the advised arrival time and departure time rules have to be respected. On a village hall and green field site camping is strictly restricted to 5 nights. On these sites members may not arrive before 2pm on the first day and must leave before 12 noon on the last day.
  8. We try hard to make the Meets interesting and useful. Attendees are welcome to participate in Meet workshops, talks and social activities, but there is no obligation to do so. You can just use the Meet as a base to explore the local area if you wish. You can volunteer to give a talk or workshop at: Volunteer to give a talk or workshop

Meet programmes

Meets typically include: –

  1. Registration on arrival and a welcoming cup of tea with the Stewards.
  2. Coffee mornings just to be sociable and receive any programme updates
  3. Sometimes quizzes and local information is provided by the Stewards.
  4. Depending on the availability of suitable meeting space members can offer to give talks on photographic topics, hobbies, travel experiences etc. Occasionally external speakers are invited to talk on a specific subject.
  5. Daytime or evening workshops on photographic topics and other hobbies are encouraged.
  6. Visits and trips out to places of local interest may be arranged together with start and end of meeting meals at a local pub or restaurant.
  7. There is usually a “unit photograph” competition. Members are invited to put on display a couple of photographs (unmounted) in their unit, and all members can walk round to view and (if they wish) score them. Scores are summed and winners are announced before the end of the meet. The winning photos may appear in Photocamper  (our quarterly magazine) and within the Member’s page of www.photogroup.co.uk.
  8. Members can visit local attractions, events, National Trust properties, etc, often in small groups of friends to share travelling.
  9. People are always on hand to help with photographic, camping and other queries.

All meets include a planned programme of activities including workshops, talks and social events. You can pick and choose what suits you or just explore the area and socialise with others.

Special Event meets

We hold two special meets per year.

  1. The Festival Meet and AGM, in May. This features:
    1. A display of members photographs (mounted) for scoring by members
    2. Several talks and workshops, both photographic and non-photographic themes
    3. A DPI and print competition with 2 local photographic clubs
    4. A communal meal (BYO)
    5. The Photographic Group AGM
  2. The Exhibition Meet,  in August. This features:
    1. A display of member photographs (mounted prints and DPIs) for scoring by an independent external judge and invitation to the local community to view our work.
    2. A talk on his results by the judge.
    3. Presentation of Photographic Group awards.
    4. Other programmed activities

The Photographic Group Meet Team:

Bob Knight: Sites Co-ordinator (meets@photogroup.co.uk)

Bob oversees the Meet Team, selects and researches sites/event accommodation, negotiates bookings, manages Photographic Group member bookings and compiles/ issues the meet programmes.

Stuart Ord: Assistant Sites Co-ordinator (zoom@photogroup.co.uk)

Stuart recruits and trains Meet Stewards and assists Bob in developing the meet programmes.

Alan Turner-Smith: Assistant Sites Co-ordinator (exhibition@photogroup.co.uk)

Alan oversees the Festival and Exhibition Special Event Meet programmes including management of entries and arrangements for judging of the Exhibition.