Our Zoom Talks

The 2021/22 details of future talks will be published soon.

Contacting us

For pre-registration and log-in links Vivien Hartill membership@photogroup.co.uk

To volunteer to give a talk Stuart-Ord zoom@photogroup.co.uk

Preparation – sign up with Zoom and get the software that you need

If you’ve used Zoom before, you don’t need to do anything more to prepare.  If you haven’t, please follow this guide –

1.      Go to www.zoom.us

2.      Click “Sign up, it’s free”

3.      Enter your details

4.      After completion, look for an email from Zoom to complete your registration.

5.      Download Zoom client from “Resources” (top right of screen) “Download Zoom client”  button or from www.zoom.us/download

6.      Let the download complete, then run the software. You can do this from your browser directly, but browsers differ, so if you don’t know how to do it from there, use Windows Explorer (or the iOS equivalent) to the Downloads folder, and the latest download will be the one to run.

7.      Double click the file name to run the installation. Then just follow the instructions that will appear.

Joining our Zoom sessions

It is important that the host can identify you in order to release you from the waiting room. When you join the Zoom session if you use the first name and surname that you used to pre-register this should not be a problem. The displayed name is set by your Zoom profile. Here is a guide for editing your name on a PC but it will not be too different for other devices:

At the allotted time (we’ll open each meeting 15 minutes before the start time) you just click the link and wait. Soon you will see that you are awaiting the host to let you in, and it gives you an opportunity to test your camera, microphone and speaker while you are waiting. The wait is for us to check that only pre-booked people are attending and that they are bona fide Caravan and Camping Club, Photographic Group members. Please be patient, this may take a few minutes.

During Zoom sessions

Observe how to turn on and off your microphone and video within Zoom. During a talk or workshop we will ask for all video to be off and microphones muted. This is to allow the presenter to be showing to all full screen.

Questions can be entered into Chat during the presentation by clicking the “CHAT” icon in the lower part of the Zoom window, selecting who you want to see the message (you can select “all” or an individual person) and typing in your question. The Host might pass your question to the presenter, or he might invite you to unmute your microphone and ask the question at an appropriate point.

For social sessions video can be on but it is good practice, especially when a presentation is being made, to keep your microphone muted so as to avoid any distracting background noises. Please note that the host can mute your microphone, but he cannot unmute you, so you must unmute yourself in order to speak.