Stewards information and Forms

What do Photographic Group Stewards do?

The Photographic Group appoints two Stewards at each Meet. Stewarding is an opportunity to become involved in the necessary management of a Meet together with oversight of the delivery of Meet activities. For new members it is a real opportunity to get to know other Group members. The workload is not onerous and there are always many willing hands ready to assist and offer advice/support where necessary. The work involved is always well appreciated by Meet attendees and at present one Steward pitch is offered free.

With prior agreement of the site/landowner Stewards can arrive the day before the Meet starts to familiarise themselves with layout and for “green field/private” sites to set up signage. On arrival the next day members are booked in, membership cards checked and pitches allocated. A daily coffee morning is normally included which Stewards are expected to organise and oversee a rota of members attending. There may be announcements or updates to be given at coffee mornings or evening talks/activities. The programme of activities is organised by the Meets Team.

Optional involvement can be organising raffles, trips, meals, BBQ’s, fish and chips, pizzas etc. It is a rewarding contribution to the Group’s activities and with two Stewards appointed no-one is constrained to remain on site so long as an individual is fulfilling the role. Main Stewards and Assistant Stewards can comprise singletons or couples.

Reasonable expenses (tea/coffee/biscuits etc) will be re-imbursed but require prior approval by Hon. Treasurer (See PG Meet expenses guidance).

How often does it need to be done?

There is no expectation that members are required to volunteer for more than one Meet per season. The more volunteers that we have the less frequently the need arises and the lighter is the commitment to a few willing and generous members who undertake the role more often than they reasonably should be expected to do.

Why are Stewards necessary?

Club rules require that a Steward undertake overall responsibility for the conduct and safety of a five day Meet on Club, commercial or private sites. We are unable to hold a Meet without nominated Stewards and cancellation is the very last resort as it realises a real waste of time and effort for the volunteer members who have planned, negotiated and publicised the Meet.

What experience or training is needed?

Common sense and a willingness to undertake the role are largely all that is required, but Stewards should read and understand the help documents that are available.

The Club issues Green Papers that give the necessary detailed guidance and these are together with the necessary administration forms are available online by the links below (please see “Guides and Green Papers”). Any of the more experienced members will always be willingly to offer guidance.

An optional overview in the form of a Powerpoint presentation is also available.

First timers will always be paired with more experienced members.

Information for Meet Stewards

Here are links for downloadable copies of the forms that Stewards require together with the guidance documents prepared by the Club and Photographic Grpoup.

Forms for Meet Stewards

Meet Attendance Sheet  To be completed as members arrive and handed to Treasurer once complete

Meet Accounts Sheet    To be completed and handed to Treasurer promptly after the Meet closes

Site and hall risk assessment  To be completed and signed by Main Steward before the Meet starts and countersigned by Chairman or nominated deputy.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment  To be completed and signed by Main Steward before the Meet starts and countersigned by Chairman or nominated deputy.

Steward helpers form   To be available for members attending to offer assistance with coffee morning etc.

GP 1.17 v2 Insurance  A copy of the PLI certificate to be available throughout the Meet.

Accident Incident Form  To be completed and handed to PG Hon Secretary following any Meet related accident, injury or incident.

All Exemption Certificates 2021  The Club’s annual exemption certificate. A copy to be available throughout the Meet.

PG Stewards Check List

 Guides and Green Papers

PG Meet expenses guidance

Green Paper 3.18 v12 Guidance for Stewards of Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites

The 6 Metre Rule & diagrams

Green Paper 3.21 (v2) Camping Event Site Signage

3.16 COVID-19 Onsite Operational Procedures

Green Paper 1.32 Guidelines on Electrical Safety at Region-DA-Section Meets

Green Paper 3.11 (V6) Groups and Meets Bookings on Club Sites

Always refer to HQ Green Papers for latest information:

Login / Members Area/Your Club/ Voluntary Officers/ Green Papers/Exempted  Camping (Meets & THS)

To volunteer or express an interest

We really appreciate having lots of members offering to help as Stewards. There is no such thing as having too many volunteers.

To express your interest either use the relevant box on the Meets Booking Form or email

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